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Auction no.

January 1 1970 - 12.00 AM
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from Thursday, January 1 - to Thursday, January 1
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The collection works is closed
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The works of artists in the auction must be compatible with those treated by Poleschi Casa d'Aste. Anyone wishing to evaluate or include in sales paintings, sculptures, drawings may contact our office by mai, telephone 02.86997153, fax 02.877339.
It requires the list of works, a color photo (even no-professional), the data of the works (artist, size, period) and which certifies the authenticity of the same (publications, authentic, archives).
If a reserve price is agreed on good and defined how the auction will be asked to complete a mandate to sell when we release to the owner a receipt countersigned. If the sale is attribuited to the auctioneer a commission ranging from 10% to 15% (plus the resale right that we pay on behalf of the seller) calculated on the hammer price for each lot sold.

In the case of unsold will be charged to the agent only the transport costs.

No fees and no commitment to estimates and assessments.